Resident Evil Outbreak HD rated?


I expect everyone to hopefully take this with a grain of salt, but posted on pastebin, and then sent to me by a friend over Xbox Live, this is a screen cap of an apparent ESRB rating for Resident Evil Outbreak:


Remember to take this lightly, because we’ve all seen these hoaxes before. Additionally, its not even listed on ESRB when trying to view the link it shows. It could perhaps be removed at request of Capcom, but its unlikely, because ESRB leaks content all the time.

Another interesting thing to note is that the game is rated for Windows and Xbox One, with no mention of Playstation 4. Ironic, considering Outbreak was a PS2 exclusive sub series of Resident Evil back in the day.

Well, we can only dream. Remember a few years ago that rumor of an Outbreak revival for PSVita that never happened? I’m still sad about that.

I’m still sad this didn’t happen… 😦