6 Niche Horror Games to try out


So, you love survival horror games but have played nearly all of them so many times you can memorize the moonlight sonata in Resident Evil? Well, how about trying 6 overlooked horror games tonight, since, you know, its Saturday! Here is a list (Not really in any particular order), of some horror games you should check out!


6. Outlast – PC, PS4, Xbox One


Outlast is a survival horror video game developed by Red Barrels Games for the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. The game is played from a first person point of view and shows the player holding a camera to record the building you have broken into, a mechanic similar to ones seen in Slender: The Arrival and the movie Quarantine. This game takes you into an insane asylum filled with crazy homicidal patients trying to kill you. The game has really great atmosphere and is best played in the dark.

5. Hydrophobia – PC, PS3, Xbox 360


Hydrophoia (Also known as Hydrophobia: Prophecy) is a survival horror game developed by dark energy digital. Hydrophobia takes the fear of water and claustrophobia into effect to scare the player by incorporating a real time (And very impressive) water system that floods rooms in a very realistic way and blocks off exits and other rooms forcing you to hurry up and find another way around. Hydrophobia is played similar to a Tomb Raider game, where you run, jump, climb ledges, swim, etc, all in third person. It is available pretty cheap now days, usually around $2. Its a rather short game, as it was planned as a trilogy (Which unfortunately will never happen due to the developer closing), but its a great horror game anyways.

4. Verge: The Lost Chapter – PC


A first person indie horror game developed by Mamedov, Verge is the poormans Outlast. Taking the fear of dark corridors and spooky noises to scare the player, you travel through an abandoned asylum located deep in the forest that the player happens to find while taking a walk. There are many differently designed “Quests” in this game, from finding skulls to escaping crazy people.

3. Obscure – PC, Xbox, PS2


Obscure is a survival horror game developed by Hydravision Entertainment for the Playstation 2, Xbox and Windows Platforms. Obscure plays similar to a classic Resident Evil game (more like Resident Evil Outbreak) in terms of gameplay and camera angles, and puts you in the shoes of several different high school students trapped at their school filled with unknown monsters. They all decide to find out what is happening and it takes them on a mission all over the school, underground and more to where they discover a long buried dirty little secret. Obscure spawned a sequel called Obscure 2: The Aftermath for the PS2, PSP, PC and Wii in 2008, and again in 2013 called Obscure: Final Exam for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. A third main game was planned, but never happened due to low sales of Final Exam.

2. Extermination – PS2


Extermination is a survival horror game exclusively developed for the Playstation 2 released by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game follows marines corp soldier Dennis who, along with his team, travel to the south pole to a top secret underground Army research base which has gone silent and tried to send a distress call. Once they arrive, the facility, codenamed “Fort Stewart”, is empty, with signs of a war, with overturned transport trains and fires everywhere. They eventually figure out that the facility is overrun by unknown mutant creatures. Extermination is similar to a classic Resident Evil game but played in a third person camera perspective. It is unique in that it has major gun upgrades to progress in the game (such as a grapple hook). The game uses alot of backtracking and some puzzle solving, similar to a classic Resident Evil Experience. As we talked about in a recent article, Extermination actually started out as a sequel to DeepFear, but eventually was pitched as a Resident Evil game. It ended up becoming a Sony IP for the PS2 and in 2004 another Sony studio, Factor5, started development of a sequel that never released.

1. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – PS2, PSP, Wii


Some of you are probably wondering why I chose this game for the list. Well, its scary; and very underrated! Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was developed as an experimental Silent Hill title by Climax Studios (Who previously developed Silent Hill Origins) and despite the fact that pretty much all modern Silent Hill games (HD, Homecoming, Downpour, Book of memories) are all crapshoots, Shattered Memories stands out as an exception. A reimaging of the original Silent Hill, Harry Mason is in search of his daughter, Cheryl, after a car crash, and encounters many of the towns locals and a police officer named Cybil Bennett, who all help, and don’t help, him on his quest. Shattered Memories plays from a third person perspective and plays like a normal Silent Hill title, it has puzzles, monsters, an abandoned town… except for a tiny change: no combat. Shattered Memories relies on the player having to run away in a panic from monsters that chase you (and they chase you fast!) or they will kill you. Another change is the otherworld. While in most Silent Hill games it shows the otherworld as a dark, metal, fire like world with blood and rust everywhere, the otherworld in Shattered Memories is a snow filled, ice covered Silent Hill that will bring chills to your spine. In a world where Silent Hill is pretty much dead and rotting after what happened last year with “Silent Hills” (aka, P.T), Silent Hill Shattered Memories is a treat that not alot of horror fans have given a chance and should. Don’t play it as a Silent Hill game, play it as a horror game.