Resident Evil Outbreak – Scenario Order


Resident Evil Outbreak is a very interesting release in Resident Evil history, for various reasons. Originally in development, it was supposed to be an online only game, called Biohazard Online” (or RE Online, outside Japan). Some more interesting things to note is that the game was intended to have 20+ scenarios ON ONE DISC out of box and had multiple characters with multiple stories. Well, on release, we got 5 scenarios (later 5 more in File #2) and the game was broken into two sold separately discs that released a few months in between each other. One of the biggest things to note is that while Outbreak is canon to the official RE Storyline in Raccoon City, and takes place during RE2 and RE3, for whatever reason, the developers didn’t place the scenarios in order of which they would come in the timeline, fracturing continuity.

Well, this has been done multiple times, mainly by RelyOnHorror, but I am going to try to place the scenarios, give reasons, and connect some of them to classic RE titles as base. Please note that this will contain spoilers for both outbreak games, as well as both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.

#1 – Outbreak & HellFire

Apple Inn

Outbreak and HellFire likely take place during the exact same time. As pointed out on other sites, Once the survivors in the OUTBREAK scenario reach the front of the Inn for the first time, the doors are already broken. (But Blocked). Well, In HellFire, the door was perfectly fine. It was only broken down by the fireman. Additionally, the fireman talks about the city being blocked off by the Army, AND outside the inn several survivors and a firetruck are seen trying to put out the fire in Apple Inn. Likely, what happened here, is that when Will gets attacked in Js Bar, the survivors split. Some ran out the door and some went upstairs. The ones who went out the door ran down the alleyway and foundthemselves at Apple Inn. Once the Js Bar survivors reach the tanker and blow it up, it causes the boilers to overheat and explode in Apple Inn, causing the fire. While the survivors in Apple Inn are fighting the licker queen, the js bar survivors are on Main Street trying to blow up the huge hoard. This all happens on the first night of the major panic, on September 24th, 1998.

Clues:  Apple Inn Fire, Door, Fireman, Firetruck, People/Survivors

#2 – Wild Things & The Hive


I believe that these would come next, and heres why. During cut scenes for WildThings, it is shown that the police are still planning evacs, AND it is shown that TV broadcasts are still showing live news coverage within Raccoon City of the whole incident. Well, I believe that the Js Bar survivors, lead by Cindy, make it to the Zoo. They arrive here because they are let known of a possible evac near the tram station. So, they head into the zoo. Meanwhile, the other survivors are taken to the hospital after surviving the Apple Inn, but by luck have it, they are the only survivors left holding out after the hospital is wiped out. The ones at the zoo make it to the train with help from Cindy, while the ones in the hospital escape into the sewers via a boat.

Clues: Evacs, people alive in zoo, tv broadcasts, helicopters, hospital not yet blown up. 😛

#3 – UnderBelly & Below Freezing Point


Now we make it to the next set. Cindy and her group road the tram until it was not able to go on any further, likely, inside the horribly overrun city. Now, its getting daylight. Cindy and her group escape onto South Raccoon St and with no other options, run into the subway station for cover. Meanwhile, the other group who escaped into the sewers have somehow made their way into Birkins lab. One of the group members, Yoko, runs into a former co worker Monica and they have a small talk before parting. Eventually, the ones inside the subway take the train out of there, while the ones in Birkins lab escape from the lab with a train. Cindy’s groups train heads deeper into the city, while Yoko’s train heads into the mountains toward the mansion and testing facility…

Clues: Birkins Lab isn’t blown up, daylight, survivors in birkins lab.

#4 – Desperate Times & FlashBack


Now, a big clue here is that it is still daylight in FlashBack, which would make sense for the group who just escaped Birkins Lab, because the train would have taken them quickly to the woods. Meanwhile though, its dark again for the subway survivors because their train stopped somewhere in the city, and afterwards they likely ran around for a few hours, or maybe even days; same for the ones who made it to the woods. Those survivors likely slept in the cabin for a few days and held out. Now, its a few days after the previous scenarios (Speculation, to keep up with timeline) and the ones who escaped the subway made it to the Raccoon City Police Department. While there, Marvin and his officers are prepping to help the remaining survivors escape. Meanwhile, the survivors who just escaped Birkins Lab are in the woods near an abandoned hospital (Likely located near the other umbrella facilities in the area) and they are holding out in the cabin until the old man enters and talks with them about a hospital in the area and leads them to it. Back at the station, things go from bad to worse and Marvin is bit and all the other officers are wiped out. Rita and her friend return to rescue the survivors, while back at the woods the hospital is destroyed and the old man has been killed. Now, its difficult to say what happened for the next day or so for the woods survivors. Likely they tried to find their way back to the city and it took awhile, while for the police station survivors, they escaped and eventually made it to the umbrella facility outside of town.

Clues: Marvin not bit. RPD still standing. Woods. Daylight.

#5 – End Of The Road & Decisions Decisions

maxresdefault (1)

And now, and easy one. The finales. But how do they connect? Well, the survivors who went from Js Bar and eventually made it to the police station escaped with Rita. Sometime down the line though, Rita vanished and the survivors escaped into an umbrella facility. Meanwhile, the survivors who went from Apple Inn all the way to the woods eventually made it to Raccoon City University. This is the ideal path, because Yoko and Alyssa are part of several scenarios in this path, while in the other path from Js Bar to The Umbrella Facility, Cindy and Kevin are part of this path. (They all have major appearances in these scenario paths!)

So think of their paths to see how it makes sense (These are arrow signs, btw):

Cindy And Co:    Js Bar > Escape into the city > Escape to the Zoo > Tram crashes, escape onto street and into Subway > Train stops, they head to the Police Station > The van escape is a failure and they run and hide in an Umbrella Facility > It all goes south, they are back in town but find escape with Linda on a van.

Yoko And Co:      Apple Inn > They are taken to the hospital for their injuries but the hospital eventually is wiped out while they still survive > They escape into the sewers and find birkins lab > They take the train into the mountains near the mansion and hospital and hide out in a cabin > They are lead from the cabin to a hospital > The hospital is ruined and they head back into town because its too dangerous in the woods > They find themselves at Raccoon College > They are rescued and escape.

It all makes sense when connected like that and it also makes sense when you realize that several characters make prominent appearances in those arcs. (Cindy appears a few times in her arc, and Yoko/Alyssa both appear a few times in theirs).

I’m sure there is a better explanation what fills in the blanks between where the survivors are awol for a few days between scenarios, but that is likely because several scenarios were never released, such as this one:


Anyways, hopefully you can see now the scenario paths how they all connect. Thank you for reading! 🙂