Resident Evil Outbreak will be available on PS4, apparantly

They are reaching for a PS4

Apparently, according to a now deleted post on Reddit (Yes, obviously, take it with a very large grain of salt) Resident Evil Outbreak has been available on PS4 for a couple months now, but its only available to select few users, and they apparently have to be logged into PSN on the store to actually access the page.


Apparently this is the link here: “!/en-us/games/resident-evil-outbreak-deluxe/cid=UP1023-CUSA72831_01-SLUS207650000001”

But when you head to the link, it says nothing is available. The reddit user claimed only US PSN accounts with “permission” to view the product are allowed to access it. They claim its there “in testing” right now, which is why its not mass available yet.

According to the user, its a “Deluxe” pack containing both Outbreak titles. It apparently downloads as Resident Evil Outbreak Double Pack, but shows up on your PS4 menu as two separate games. They apparently run as PS2 classics on the PS4, so no modifications have been done, meaning, sadly, no online play or extra content. But as with all PS4 PS2 classics, it will have trophies, although that was not mentioned. He also didn’t say when it will launch. I myself am extremely skeptical, mostly due to the fact that he deleted the post, and all the outbreak rumors lately have been false, and finally, why would a PS2 classic be in testing for two months? I find that suspicious.

If this is true however, hopefully, Capcom will have the Japanese copy available on the Japanese store. By doing that, one could theoretically log into that store using a Japanese account, use Japanese currency to purchase it, then play it online, due to the fact Outbreak has been restored for online play since 2013, but only for the japanese versions.

I am hoping this is true, but with only just that image and them expecting us to take their word for it, I doubt it.