A new cancelled Resident Evil Title revealed EDIT: HOAX!


NOTE: This was proven as a HOAX eventually. The original article is below For Archive Purposes!


We at Video Game Beta Book (our sub blog about beta games and such) recently had an interesting conversation with an alleged former Cavia employee about a pitched Resident Evil title that never saw the light of day due to Cavia closing its doors in 2010. We were asked not to reveal his name, so we will not.


Essentially,they pitched the title to Capcom and it was greenlit for the Wii. We only received one logo, under the “resident evil” branding, rather than the “Biohazard” branding, which was find rather odd, considering Cavia was japanese. Anyways, Resident Evil Ashen was to feature the return of Bruce, the protagonist of Resident Evil Dead Aim (also developed by Cavia) as he is now head of security at Tricell’s new Raccoon City facility.


“What? Wasn’t Raccoon destroyed? ” you may be asking. Well, as shown in Resident Evil Outbreak, there is a lab located in the ruins of the city. Well, its owned by Tricell, and its a massive facility sprawling under the city ruins. Bruce is head of security here. After some drama and crazy things happening to him a year prior, his fiance, Fong Ling (also from Dead Aim) and his sister, Jenny, were killed in order to prevent any details of this facility leaking to the public. Bruce is now trying to find out how to escape, but then, on the 10th anniversary of the Raccoon City destruction (10/01/2008), a full outbreak of the T-Virus mysteriously occurs in the lab. Bruce is now trying to escape. The story has him escape, blow up the lab, and then, go to expose Tricell Inc.

The game was planned as a trilogy that would have been first person Wii Mote games with the gun accessory for the wii mote in mind. Unlike Cavia’s Umbrella and Darkside chronicles games, the game would not be rail shooter based. Instead, you could control Bruce yourself. Puzzles and horror elements were to be featured, but it was mostly an action adventure shooter similar to a modern RE game. It was basically similar to Resident Evil Survivor in terms of gameplay.


As I said before, this was cancelled due to Cavia closing, but was fully planned and was greenlit by Capcom. Bummer.
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