New Dreamcast game announced


Once upon a time, Sega used to be the second biggest console manufacturer in the world. It wasn’t the big three today: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft. It was Nintendo and Sega, and then eventually Nintendo, Sega and Sony. Well, in 2001, the final Sega console was discontinued, the dreamcast, and they never made a new console again.

Years later, several new games have still come out regardless, some even in full retail form through online ordering. Well, a new game has been announced.


Most of the new homebrew for the Dreamcast are arcade shooters, 2d rendered games, rpgs, etc. Well now, we have a full 3D shooter that looks similar to Payday for modern consoles.

Being developed by PH3NOM, a two man development team, the currently untitled game is being developed for the Dreamcast. Nothing has been revealed due to legal bindings with its publisher, but screens have been shown off.


It looks really impressive for an unlicensed Dreamcast game.


For more information, heres a link: