Goodbye, Sations.


Sations had a troubled development. It was intended as a Resident Evil clone that had high hopes to “Bring horror to its roots”. It was a fixed angle, pre rendered background, zombie, horror game. It was to make you feel like you were playing a game in the original Resident Evil trilogy.

Sadly, MintCookie Games had ALOT of controversy and drama thanks to another project: PS2NET. This project was an attempt to reverse engineer PS2 code, make a unified PS2 online service, and release it for free. However, despite being asked by Sony to stop development, they didn’t. This caused Janice, the owner of MintCookie Games, to get slapped with a lawsuit. In addition, many forums ganged up and called them out saying it was fake, slandered their marketing director, and caused irreversible damage to the company. As of May 10th 2016, Sations has been cancelled and MintCookie Games has been shutdown with the loss of 7 jobs. On top of this, Janice is still being sued, and she is also suing members of PS2 Online Gaming forums and Assembler Games for the slander that caused her company to go under. She is also going crazy, filing DMCA takedowns of any news, beta, etc related to Sations, PS2NET and more.

All of the controversy behind the company is sad. They had good intentions, but it was all ruined thanks to Assembler Games. I personally think the members who caused the downfall of the company deserve what they get. 7 jobs were lost thanks to this, a series was scrapped, a hopeful project lost, and hearts broken. Its very unfortunate.