PSP: The best horror games released


Sony Playstation Portable. Its a fantastic console. It sold well, lived a good life. Obviously, its likely that if you are reading this list, you have one. Good for you, its my favorite handheld ever released with GBA and 2DS following very closely after it. This list will show the top in my opinion, best horror games released on the platform.


Manhunt 2  – Rockstar Games   (Also Playable on Vita via PSN)


Follow up to one of the most controversial horror games ever released for the PS2 (I mean, what else do you expect from the creators of GTA?) comes Manhunt 2 for PSP. Manhunt 2 was developed by Rockstar Games London studio and stars a man named Daniel who is trapped in a mental facility with his memory wiped. A thunderstorm causes a massive blackout and opens all the cells in the facility, where the inmates escape. Daniel must try to escape while remembering his past in this physiological, and very controversial, horror game.


Obscure 2: The Aftermath – Hydravision Entertainment/Mighty Rocket


I could go on for days about how good this game is. One of my favorite games of all time, which is also sequel to another one of my favorite games of all time, Obscure 2: The Aftermath is the sequel to PS2’s Obscure from Hydravision. Set a few years after the first, Obscure 2 stars a group of college students who all head out to a party after classes. While at the party, the virus that caused the destruction of LeafMore High in the previous game has spread to the rest of FallCreek, Texas; and the college is the epicenter. You must play as the group of students (three return from the previous game: Kenny, Shannon and Stan) and work together to survive. One by one, students start getting killed off. Who will be left standing?

If you liked Until Dawn on PS4, this is very much like a spiritual predecessor. This game was very well developed and alot of care went into it. Not as good as the first, but very good. Heartbreakingly, Hydravision rebranded themselves as an arcade indie studio and rebooted the series rather than make a follow up. The most recent entry, Obscure: Final Exam, was released as a beat em up action platform game on PS3/360 rather than a horror game. It got negative reviews, and sold literally less than 5000 copies. Due to that, Mighty Rocket went under. The rights to Obscure now belong to Focus Home Interactive and are idle.


Silent Hill: Origins – Climax Studios (playable on Vita in some regions via PSN)


Following the slightly different, but fantastic, Silent Hill 2,3 and 4: The Room, Konami hired a new studio, Climax, to develop the next series entry. Climax decided to ditch the slightly different concepts of Silent Hill’s 2-4 and return to the roots of the series in the best way possible: By making a prequel.

Silent Hill Origins is set years before the original Silent Hill. Travis Grady, a trucker, enters Silent Hill after getting lost in the fog. He sees a house burning, and, being the brave good Samaritan he is, Travis quickly leaves his truck and runs into the house. He finds a little girl burning from a failed sacrifice. Who was this girl? Alessa… the girl who eventually is reincarnated as Cheryl/Heather from SH1 and SH3. The burning caused her to curse the town and now its covered in fog, abandoned, and filled with monsters. Travis is trapped and must find out how to escape.

What sets this apart from SH2, 3 and 4, you revisit locations from the first game in the series such as Alchemella Hospital. You also meet some familiar faces as well, and this game leads into the original Silent Hill, which itself sets up for its true sequel, Silent Hill 3. This is a very scary game, and I recommend playing it with bass boosting headphones and in the dark.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – Climax Studios (Playable on Vita in some regions via PSN)


Following the hit success of Silent Hill Origins, Konami once again hired Climax for a reboot to the series. After the “Alessa Arc” which consisted of Silent Hill 1, 3 and origins concluded, as well as the “other arc” that was 2, 4 and homecoming with connections of walter sullivan and obscure cults, Konami wanted a reboot. Rather than a completely new story, however, Climax decided to reboot the series with a “Re-imaging” of the original Silent Hill.

One night, Harry Mason is entering Silent Hill and crashes. Finding the town to be entirely snowed in (Rather than Fog), Harry cannot find his daughter. He meets a cop named Cybil who is very suspicious of him (Mirroring the 2006 movie) and meets other locals such as Lisa and Michelle. In the reboot, several characters are completely different than their originals. Cybil is more aged and defined, Lisa is more aged, Dahlia is now in her 20s and married to Harry, and one of the big changes is that Silent Hill isn’t abandoned, its simply snowed in after a huge blizzard. Another big change, and one that makes it very scary, is there is absolutely no combat. You are required to flee if you are seen by a monster and hide. It adds a more challenging approach to the game and makes it more thrilling.

This reboot serves as the first game in the reboot. The original canon consisted of 1, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming and Origins. This new canon consists of only two games so far: Shattered Memories and Downpour. Book of memories is non canon, and Silent Hill 9 was cancelled. Will there ever be another Silent Hill? Who knows. Hopefully, but it certainly wont be anytime soon.