Sations: Images from Cancelled Game


Sations was a survival horror project being developed by MintCookie Games and was set to be published by Focus Home Interactive. Having some former members of Insomniac Games, Volition and Ouya attached to the project, Sations was intended to be a “Spiritual Successor” to the design of the original Resident Evil games. It was a survival horror game with isometric camera angles, pre rendered backgrounds, limited ammo and health items, zombies, and more.


A reboot of a very obscure “Mail Order” horror game on the Saturn, Sations 2017 took place in an alternate universe Centralia PA, where a major company managed to put out the underground coal fire and after, the town grew into a city with over 100.000 people. But in 1995, the city ends up having monsters start appearing randomly attacking and killing people, so a team of cops are sent into the forest and find a secret facility. (Sound familiar?).

The title was cancelled after Focus Home Interactive dropped their publishing agreement and funding with the studio. Unable to find a publisher or funding, MintCookie closed its doors in early May.


Well, some in development screenshots showing the environments in a work in progress state were able to be uncovered by me off my old archive drives. As some of you know, I was formally attached to the project.

The foyer of the abandoned hospital. Windows are boarded off in the dark, empty room, while a goddess statue stares at you in silence.
A courtyard at the hospital. Here, John would have found a key to open a door to the first save room. Its also where he would encounter his first zombie.
Here is the stairs leading up to the second floor. Here, a ghost would chase you up the stairs and after entering the door, a loud boom would cause the ceiling to collapse and block the stairs.


Sations was intended to be released on Wii U, Vita and PC. It made some buzz on horror sites for a short time before the company developing it went silent. It is known that MintCookie Games owner named Janice holds the IP to Sations and is looking to sell it. Perhaps a developer can finish Sations? I myself had high hopes for it!