Siren 3: Blood Curse hopefully getting remastered


Siren is kind of a cult series. It isn’t as popular as Resident Evil or Silent Hill, and has only to this day had three entries in the franchise; Siren (PS2), Siren 2 (PS2) and Siren 3: Blood Curse (PS3). Well, the korean rating board has issued a re-rating for Siren 3, rating it “M” very recently.


This could possibly mean that Siren 3 is getting re-released on Playstation 4. Siren 3: Blood Curse was the third entry in the fantastic survival horror series by some of the minds behind Silent Hill. The three Siren games were developed by Sony Japan Studio, who are also known for developing Ape Escape, Legend Of Dragoon, and the Gravity Rush series. Japan Studio has two new projects in development; one of them a role playing game in partnership with Capcom, and another unannounced PS4 title. Some rumors suggest that the title could finally be Ape Escape 4, which was announced in 2010 for PS3 but never actually released, but after this news, its possible its an HD version of Siren 3.


Siren 3: Blood Curse is an important entry in Survival Horror. The genre is dying. Slowly, but its happening. With Capcom forcing co-op and action sequences in their modern Resident Evil titles, Nintendo hardly making Fatal Frame games, the shocking cancellation of Silent Hill 9 (Silent Hills/PT) and the over saturation of low end indie budget horror titles like “Verge”, “The Park” and “AMY”, Siren 3 stands out as a true, survival horror title, where things are truly dark, spooky, and it is genuinely a survival game. Not to mention that Siren 3 is HARD. Yes, it may be an episodic game, which is very overdone nowadays, but Siren 3: Blood Curse still does right what other episodic horror games like Resident Evil Revelations 2 does wrong: Its actually horror.


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