7 days to die coming to PS4 and Xone


7 days to die is a survival horror open world crafting game. Its basically like “Fallout Meets Minecraft Meets State Of Decay”.

7 Days To Die is developed by “The Fun Pimps” and is being published by Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us developer TellTale Games. The game will be available digital or retail, and pre order bonuses include two characters from The Walking Dead; Michonne and Lee.

The game is a mix of tower defense, survival horror, crafting and character development. It is playable offline, by yourself, with no partner. That is a cool feature for horror games, as not many let you play by yourself without AI partners anymore. You can also play local co op splitscreen, AND online co op. Upon starting, you start with nothing. Literally, as you are naked upon loading into the game world.


During the day, zombies are slow, but night? They are fast, ruthless, and will not stop until you look like spaghetti sauce all over the pavement.


Originally, when released, I didn’t like it. It was boring, the graphics were terrible, and it was in a broken, alpha state. Now, however, its been refined. Its gotten smooth around the edges and judging by PS4 screenshots, the game looks very nice now compared to the original versions on PC.


Everything, including buildings, trees, bridges and more, are able to be destroyed and you can loot its scrap. You can use old things to build new towns that you and your multiplayer buddies can live in.

The game is looking to be alot of fun, and the developers say if you like games like State Of Decay and Resident Evil, but also like Minecraft, this is a perfect game for you.

The game will be available on PSN and XBL, or in stores such as GameStop, Meijer, Walmart and Kmart on June 28th. Pricing has not been detailed yet, although it costs $25 on steam.