Cancelled Horror Games – Chapter 1: Cold Heart


Ever since the early 90’s, Survival Horror has been a major genre in gaming, easily making its mark on the gaming world with popularity similar to Simulation, Sports Games and Role Playing. Companies such as Konami and Capcom, were able to find success in the genre with their franchises, Silent Hill and Resident Evil, and eventually make small time developers were able to as well, such as Mighty Rocket with their Obscure brand.


Something that some people do not know, or, rarely talk about, is the slew of drastically different versions of final games (ie. Resident Evil 1.5) or games cancelled all together, like Silent Hill 9 (Silent Hills).

This will be a daily series on the blog, comprising detailed information about several cancelled horror games. Where we start today is a project not alot of people know about! So… here we go! 🙂


Silent Hill: Cold Heart – Climax Studios – Wii

Planned Name: Silent Hill: Cold Heart

Planned Platform: Nintendo Wii

Eventually Became: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was originally intended as an entirely different game. In the game, Jessica Chambers was a college student who, on her way to see her parents, gets caught in a blizzard and can not get her car out of the snow. Jessica is a very unstable college student; suffering severe emotional trauma from unknown reasons.

Similar to Heather Mason and Henry Townsend from SH3 and SH4 respectively, Jessica had nightmares about monsters and an abandoned ghost town leading up to the events of the game. Once she enters town after breaking down; it soon becomes clear: Her nightmares have become real life.

Similar to Shattered Memories, things that you choose to do in the game would impact game events, endings, item placements, sound events and even your camera angles.

Using Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, players could sync their data to servers to where people can view your protagonists mental state, events, etc. Additionally, the WiiMote would have been used to control the flash light, your head movement, and more.


Unlike any other Silent Hill, the inventory system was ON Jessica. Meaning, the only things you could carry, are what Jessica could put on herself. Similar to Dead Space having the health bar on Issac’s back, Jessica’s inventory was on HER back. Get it?

Another thing that was intended was clothes. Since its a massive blizzard, and the otherworld is ice, Jessica could die if she got too cold. She would freeze to death!

To combat this, Jessica would need to dress in layers, and find more clothes as well. Climax also experimented with a real time environment: so, no loading screens. It was all right there. They also tried to use photo realistic graphics and they wanted to really push the Wii graphics to their max.


Silent Hill: Cold Heart would have adapted to your choices, your actions, and would have even been personable. It would have imported hair colors, clothing colors, and more, for the in game NPC’s from your Wii internal saved “Mii” characters.


Sadly, Silent Hill: Cold Heart eventually was scrapped and evolved into a reboot/remake of Silent Hill ’99. Konami wanted a reboot, and that is what they got with Shattered Memories, which is what Cold Heart eventually became. Almost all the planned features of Cold Heart were scrapped. However, like in Cold Heart, the “Fog World” didn’t appear. Instead, it was the “Ice World” and the “otherworld” seen in previous Silent Hill games became Ice as well. Overall, both Shattered Memories and Cold Heart were very different games than other Silent Hill titles, and like intended, both served as reboots to the series, as Konami wanted to start over since all the previous story-lines were concluded. (SH Origins, 1, 3) and (2,4,Homecoming).

Fans did make tributes to the cancelled game, however. Here is a fan made PS4 case of what it could have looked like on your shelf had Cold Heart released and was eventually ported:



Hey, since Silent Hill as a brand is dormant right now, maybe Climax should revive this game in some form? We are all still heartbroken about Kojima Productions cancelled Silent Hill 9, so we need some lovin’ over here. 😉


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