Far Harbor is kinda like Silent Hill…


Fallout 4 and Silent Hill are both completely different franchises, genre’s and even designs. However, many players of Fallout 4: Far Harbor, the newest and biggest expansion pack to any Bethesda role playing game, say that the add on adds many things very similar to a Silent Hill game. WARNING: There may be spoilers for the expansion pack.


Firstly, we have the fog. At night, the fog is very dark and visible, and it blocks viewing in a direct path. Its also when the crazy monsters start coming out and they are dangerous. The fog is also poisonous. It causes you to take severe radiation damage from breathing it in.


The “Children Of The Atom”, a crazy religious cult from Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, return in Far Harbor. They are very religious, and stalk the island in the fog and shadows. Sound familiar?


Far Harbor is also set in Maine, which is where Silent Hill is. Like Silent Hill, Far Harbor was a fishing town pre-disaster, and had alot of people coming for the relaxing views, the hotels, the retreats and even just the parks.


The monsters also seem a little bit like Silent Hill monsters. They are scary as hell, especially the anglers, which are giant mutated fish with legs that come out of the fog at night and attack you. They are fast, strong, and emit a loud and terrifying noise when attacking.


Its not exactly Silent Hill 9, but with the fog, the monsters, the abandoned town, the crazy cults and the dark story, Far Harbor is something a Silent Hill fan still reeling over the loss of Silent Hill(s) should play. Its available on PS4, Xbox One and PC right now for $25 and requires Fallout 4 to play. Its really big, and pretty scary.