Fans uncover a ton of unused Umbrella Chronicles content


Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, was designed for the Nintendo Wii by Cavia, who had previously developed Resident Evil: Dead Aim. The game had released on the Wii, but what many did not known until almost a decade after launch, was there was a significant amount of content cut from the game, including a longer Wesker scenario, a scenario for Leon (no, not darkside chronicles, a scenario for him in UC!), and a ton of unused dialogue.

Found in the game files is the following on Leon, Ada, Sergei and an unknown person:

LEON: That was the worst day of my life. I was late, and my only welcoming party was a town infested with zombies. I met a girl named Claire and together we fled into the police station. We decided to split up to look for survivors.

UNKNOWN: Is someone there? HELP!!!

UNKNOWN: Except for Brian, the R.P.D. have been taken care of. Make sure you find him. The world can’t know about his relationship to us.

SERGEI: Look at the young cowboy! Feel pain. What the!?

UNKNOWN: Sergei. It’s time.


ADA: Sorry, but when I saw the uniform I thought you were another zombie.

LEON: Who are you?

ADA: Ada. Ada Wong.

LEON: Ada Wong… Interesting how one chance encounter can alter the course of a person’s life forever. The worst day of my life was just getting started.

This was thought to maybe just be filler, however, more content was found, including themes specifically meant to play during Leon’s scenario.  They are calling this scenario “Dark Legacy” or “1.5”.


Additionally, unused rooms and screens were located. An unused loading screen:


Then, here is a set of unused rooms:






It is also worth mentioning that during initial concept, Umbrella Chronicles was meant to be played like Resident Evil 4 on the wii. Third person with behind the back cam, but with the Wii Controls. Eventually, they decided “Wii Users Like Simplicity” and the on rails design was adopted. More information can be found here.