Cancelled Horror Games – Chapter 3: Sations


Sations is a cancelled survival horror videogame that was set to be released in 2017 for the Playstation Vita, Nintendo Wii U and Windows.

The title was being developed by newly formed studio MintCookie Games llc, which was based in Ashland, PA, USA. The title was intended as a Resident Evil clone, with very similar parallels. Sadly, the game was cancelled in May 2016 after MintCookie Games closed due to cut funding from publisher Focus Home Interactive, as well as many controversial things that developers at the studio were involved in. (Such as the whole “PSNDotNET” fiasco.) Here we go!


Sations – MintCookie Games – Vita,WIIU

Planned Name: Sations

Planned Platform: Nintendo Wii U, PSVita, PC

Eventually Became: Currently, the title is fully cancelled. Will update if it resurfaces. 


The original Sations was developed by Japanese studio TAPTU in the 90s and was released on the Sega Saturn. Apparently, the title was an FPS horror hybrid that never saw a full retail release. Instead, it was released only through mail orders and was never actually released in stores. Eventually, a sequel was developed only for Japanese smartphones in 2002, and a remake was unofficially released via FPSCreator in 2010 by fans of the original.

In 2013, Janice, the owner of MintCookie Games, purchased the IP and intended a reboot. Her and her team, sick of the current state of horror games, were using Resident Evil as a base. Essentially, Sations would have been a 100% Resident Evil clone. Fixed Camera Angles, Limited Ammo and Health, Zombies, a police team that goes into a forest facility to solve a murder spree, pre rendered backgrounds, an inventory system and lots of other features very similar to the original RE trilogy.

Inventory Menu concept.

Posted on the official Sations facebook page, Sations would take place in an alternate universe where Centralia, PA would have not been abandoned. Instead, Centralia was saved from its fire and destruction by a company that deals in medicine called “Omblrec”. Sound familiar? Well, Omblrec was, at its front, a caring medicine company that apparently made cures to common illnesses using all natural materials. They were also popular in the city of Centralia for not only saving them, but also growing the town from 3000 people to 100.000 in 15 years.

The official Facebook page says this is right out of the design document. 

Here are some shots of the in game locations in their wip 3D state (they would eventually be angled, turned into photos, and used as pre rendered backdrops.)

Then, here are the characters that were known:

John is the “Chris Redfield” of Sations. He joined the team in 1994, a year prior to Sations, and quickly became their best shot and he was promoted to the special forces team. 
Aiden is the “Albert Wesker” of the game. He is a mysterious member of the team who recently transferred from a special forces team in Pittsburgh… or so he says. 
Jazz was the “Jill Valentine” of the group, having even the most traits similar than any other character. Jazz is very talented at Lock Picking, Shooting, and was on track to become a thief before reforming as a cop.
Finally, Lynn was a cop in Centralia for years. She eventually was promoted to the special forces team despite her ex boyfriend John also being on the team. Her and John had a nasty breakout mere months before Sations. 

Now, here is a very W.I.P map that looks like it was being made in Paint.


It is very blurry and hardly visible, but you can make out two large lakes, the massive forest, the trails in the area, the rivers, and more.

Finally, here is a timeline of events released on the facebook page:

Timeline of events 1749-1995

1749 – The Area that would become Centralia was sold to colonial agents by native tribes for the sum of five hundred pounds.
1793 – Robert Morris, a hero of the Revolutionary War and a signatory of the Declaration of Independence, acquired a third of Centralia’s valley land.
1798- The land was given to the United States after Morris went broke.
1842- Centralia is founded as Bulls Head, as the first mines and taverns open up.
The mining company families start to lay out streets, side roads, land plots and more.
Bulls Head is changed to CentreVille.
1865- CentreVille is renamed Centralia after the post office refused to allow the name Centreville due to there already being a town of the same name.
1960- Mining ends in Centralia after over 100 years of operation.
1962- May 7th – City members meet to discuss the upcoming memorial day celebrations. They wanted to clean up the city dump in time for the                                             celebrations.
May 27th – A fire was started at the dump in attempt to rid it of all the trash and debris by the fire department.
May 29th – Remaining trash caught fire unexpectedly. A bulldozer would turn the trash to stop it. They put out the fire successfully.
June 4th  – Another flare up causes the city members to worry. They head to the dump site to find a hole leading into the old mines underneath
burning trash. A member of a coal fire safety group was called in to figure out what was going on. It is discovered a huge vein of coal
has been lit ablaze. To avoid widespread panic, city officials keep it private.
June 5th  – City officials contact a coal fire safety group hiding the cause of the fire due to worries they may not be helped.
Aug  6th  – The city holds a meeting with the group at the dump site. They conclude nearly 30.000 dollars would be needed to douse the fire.
Sep  5th  – The first attempt to rid the fire is commenced. The attempt is met with failure and the fire spreads.
Oct  29th- The second attempt to rid the fire starts. As with the first, it fails.
1963- April 11th- City officials discover the fire now covers about 60% underground of the city, possibly posing risk of collapse.
July 1st   – A third and final project was intended to start today, but never did, which would have possibly put out the fire.
1979- March 1st-Residents are finally aware of the problems starting today when the gas station owner dips a dipstick into the gas to find the underground
storage tank measures 172 Degrees. He immediately shut off the pumps and told the mayor and city members.
March 18 -Government officials finally take notice after reports of a boy falling into a sinkhole. He is saved by his cousin. The hole was filled with
flames. Basements are also filled with poisonous gases and closed off.
July 16    -Two houses on Park St fall into a hole, killing 14 people and two dogs. Chief Winslow, a rookie cop at this point, is on his first day when he
is outside the donut shop drinking coffee when he personally watches the two houses fall into the ground in under two seconds.
The houses falling cause a massive gas explosion that ignites three houses next to the two row houses and also ignite the high school.
July 17    -Cleanup of the park street disaster is slowed after a firetruck carrying three fireman fall into the ground on Apple Street. It has become
clear that Centralia is not safe.
July 20   -City officials hold a press conference at the police department. They are debating on relocating the town elsewhere.
During this time, a school shooting occurs at the Raccoon City Middle School. Nobody is hurt, but the man is killed. It is later found out
that his motive was due to his two kids and wife dying in the park street collapse, as well as his fireman brother dying too.
July 21    -Trees start catching fire randomly around town. Worried of a full scale forest fire, Centralia Mayor closes off all forest based activities
such as the amusement park and the hiking trails.
July 28   -Governor Poniack visits Centralia to address the fire, collapse, as well as school shooting. Poniack is wounded by an angry mother who
throws a bowling ball at her.
Aug 1st  -A massive fire occurs during the night, burning down five row houses on Apple Street. Three people are killed.
The fire gets worse, spreading underground through the sewers and coal strips to the gas station on Apple St. The station explodes, blowing
up an apartment building along with it. Five people are killed.
Aug 2nd -Several families start packing and abandoning their homes to move elsewhere in fear of recent events. 20 houses are abandoned in
this one day.
Sep 7th  -Centralia Drive In theater collapses during a late night showing of a slasher film. The ground is weak due to the fire right underneath
and collapses due to the weight of the cars and people above. 9 cars plummet into the massive blaze, killing 43 people, 33 of them
Sep 8th  – Governor Poniack returns. She announces a full scale evacuation of Centralia is in order, and will commence September 10th. Every
family who accepts the relocation will be paid for their home, and moved safely to a nearby town. Many families, despite their safety,
put up protest signs protesting the move, wishing to remain in Centralia.
Dec 10th- The island of Brynesville is abandoned after the buyout offer. Brynesville was a small island town out in the forest near Centralia that
had 589 residents. In just one day, the island is abandoned after generous buyout offers. Demolition of their homes begins.
Dec 31st- Demolition of all structures on Brynesville Island is complete, leaving the island at 0 residents.

1980- Jan 1st   – Centralia celebrates new years with no snow. Due to the gases and hot ground, snow is unable to settle, melting instantly. The ground
measures at 129 degrees, easily able to burn hands. Due to this, all gas lines are shut off. Civilians are required to find other ways to use
gas required items.
Jan 8th  – Centralia High School is destroyed after the ground collapses under the gym. Nobody is in the school at the time.
Feb 9th  – Omblrec Pharmaceuticals announces their intention to move to Centralia. They purchase a large plot of land vacated by a former trailer
park. Omblrec plans to bring several jobs to the struggling town.
June 2nd- Omblrec announces a plan to put out the Centralia Mine Fire. Their plan involves digging a massive tunnel under the town in several
directions, then draining both Victory Lake and Lake Brynesville into the tunnels.
June 9th-  Funding for the plan is approved by the governor. Poniack is happy to have another project start, wishing to save her hometown.
June 11th- After only a year, Nathan Winslow is promoted to chief of police, due to his dedication to the saving of the town.
June 19th- The whole world watches on live TV as the lakes are drained into the mines and holes. A live thermometer is on screen connected to a
thermometer in the mines. The world is struck with extreme shock and relief when the temperature of the ground drops from 194 to
45 degrees. Governor Poniack is seen crying with joy. The fire has finally been officially put out. Governor Poniack then visits her
childhood home on Walnut Street, and is photographed praying near an oak tree on the yard.
June 20th- A new era for Centralia begins. With the fire put out, Centralia can grow, thanks to Omblrec. Omblrec quickly announces intentions to
build homes to replace destroyed homes and give them away free to former residents so they move back. They also announce plans to
refill the two lakes drained in the project.
1982- April 1st – Omblrec builds a multi-billion dollar hospital, research facility and lab outside of town in the forest. To everyones shock, Omblrec closes
the facility before it opens, completely abandoning the billion dollar building.
April 3rd – Omblrec builds several apartment building/office building hybrids in the city in order to bring in more work and residents.
June 9th – Omblrec announces plans to clean up abandoned Brynesville Island and turn it into a resort island.
June 21st- To everyones horror, a fire starts at the dump site. People believe the fire has returned. Many live news channels tune into the fire.
Omblrec, with help from the fire department of Centralia and Ashland, are able to put out the fire without problem.
June 22nd- A full test is started to make sure a coal fire didn’t start. The test turns out negative, and Centralia is still safe.
1990- June 19th  – 10 year celebrations of the fire being extinguished start. Huge parades, market fests, fairgrounds and more are held. Omblrec, along
with the new governor of the state, declare June 19th an official Pennsylvania holiday, called “Centralia Day”, a day of peace, joy,
and remembrance of the lives taken during the crisis.
June 23rd  – Celebrations still going strong, Omblrec announces “rent free” day, and pays for everyones bills, including businesses.
June 24th  – Former Governor Lisa Poniack dies peacefully at the age of 89. Celebrations end after the whole town is struck with deep grief.
July 1st      – Omblrec purchases and declares Poniack’s former home on Walnut Street a park. They clean up the home, yard, and more, and erect
a lifelike statue of former Governor Poniack in the front yard. Many civilians hold nightly vigils in her honor. A very pretty rose garden
surrounds the entire property.
July 8th     – Omblrec surprises everyone when they announce the intention to let go of thirty employees involved in a private scandal.
July 20th   – Elections for Mayor are held today. Present Mayor James Dans is running, along with resident Angie Lentz.
August 1st – Omblrec finishes construction of the Centralia Mall on RailRoad Ave. The massive mall opens to 98 stores, including three massive
big box stores. Many business owners are worried however, as they believe the mall will draw business away from their stores.
Nov 8th     – A massive fire breaks out at the Poniack memorial home. The entire site is destroyed and declared a total loss. The police department
conclude it was arson.
Nov 9th     – The suspect who burned the Poniack memorial home and park shocks the city while being arrested at his home on RailRoad Ave. He
is heard shouting “Omblrec Paid me to do it!”. He breaks free and grabs an officers gun, shooting and killing a pregnant woman and
then killing himself.
1991- June 2nd   – Unexpectedly, Centralia Police Department move into the former mansion on RailRoad Ave near the mall. The old building is closed.
1995- March 8th – Reports of murders in the forest are first taken today. Several people are lost while hiking and killed. Their bodies are found by search
dogs and are found to have several bite marks and have been devoured.
April 2nd  – Murder keep happening in the forest. Due to this, the hiking trails and access to forest parks are suspended by order of the mayor.
April 8th   – While leaving town on Centre St Highway, a school bus goes missing unexpectedly. The bus is later found a few days later overturned
out in the forest, with all students inside killed in the same cannibalistic way the other victims had been.
June 3rd   – Random monsters are spotted around the city. A mother is seen on CCTV camera fighting off a large pink frog with massive teeth in
the mall hallways at night. She is then killed when it rips her in half.
June 9th   – Another murder occurs when a teenage boy is ripped into several pieces by an unknown creature at school when he was using the
A state of emergency is then officially issued. All residents are asked to stay inside. A curfew is then set for all residents to be 8PM.
June 10th – A college student thought to be sleeping during class is shaken awake by her teacher. Unexpectedly, the student has turned into a
flesh eating zombie and lunges at the teacher, ripping her throat out. The teacher turns into a zombie, and starts attacking students in
the halls. Several students are now zombies. The entire school is closed off and controversially is blown to bits by the army in order to
prevent the virus from spreading.
June 29th – The virus reappears at a gas station. A drunk man starts attacking the clerk by ripping into her neck. The man is killed and the clerk is
taken to the hospital for observation.
The city mayor meets with Omblrec officials to see if they can creature a cure to this unknown virus.
July 24th – A plane crashes into an apartment building in the city, killing all 340 people on board and 24 people on the ground and in the tower.
Nov 16th  – The virus appears again. After the end of the school day, the principle of the high school was worried when several students and one
teacher never left the basement drama classroom. The principle opens the basement door and as many as 19 zombies pull him down
and rip him to shreds. The zombies escape to the school yard but are all killed. One of the bodies however, vanished.
Nov  17th  – The S.W.A.T team announces their intention to search the forest for clues. Omblrec announces with little fanfare and many criticism
that they will not be helping solve the problem.
Due to this, the police start to suspect Omblrec and start issuing warrants to search their offices. They come up with nothing.
Nov   18th  -Police detectives uncover some documents in an Omblrec office detailing an active lab at the abandoned Omblrec center that was built
but never used located deep in the forest. With this information, Centralia deploys the S.W.A.T team to investigate the facility…”

Finally, the background of one of the save points. Sations had several of them, and the background would be different depending on which save room you are in. 

Sadly, the game has been cancelled, however, it doesn’t mean its the end. Perhaps another developer can pick up the project at some point? 😉