Umbrella Corps – What if “Raccoon City” models are from RE2?


Umbrella Corps is the fourth multiplayer spinoff in the Resident Evil series following 2004’s Outbreak, 2005’s Outbreak File: 2 and 2012’s Operation Raccoon City.

Umbrella Corps has received a vast amount of hate due to its very different gameplay, focus on online squad based gameplay, major focus on attacking humans, rather than zombies, and for being an obvious spiritual successor to the widely hated ORC.


Revealed just a few days ago, Raccoon City and several Resident Evil characters will be making appearances. Well, one should take notice that in the trailer, all of the models are built from the ground up. They aren’t pulled from Outbreak, the Chronicles Titles or ORC, they aren’t ripped from classic games… they are newly built.

This leaves me to wonder: Could this be our first glimpse at Resident Evil 2 (Remake)?


I wonder this, because, Raccoon City, zombies and classic characters are returning to this spinoff. What is odd, however, is that all of it looks freshly made. This is unlikely for a spinoff with a small budget price ($30) and being digital only for two platforms (PS4 and PC.). Capcom likely would not do this, after the chronicles titles and ORC pulled content right from the Outbreak duo of games and simply spruced up the models.

This is different. The models, the content, all of it = Freshly Rendered.

Look at the fountain. The plate is missing from the circle in the center, which was there in Darkside Chronicles and Umbrella Chronicles models of the statue, but missing here. This could mean it is designed for something to GO there. 





Silly Chris, you weren’t in Raccoon during the outbreak.