Cancelled Horror Games – Chapter 5: Silent Hill – “The Box”


Silent Hill: The Box, is a cancelled survival horror game by Silicon Knights, that was possibly rejected by Konami and turned into an unrelated project by Sega, then later THQ, that was itself never released.

Silent Hill: The Box – Silicon Knights – PS3/360

Planned Name: Silent Hill: The Box

Planned Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Eventually Became: Cancelled


Silent Hill: The Box, was a cancelled proposed sixth entry in the Silent Hill horror series by Konami, which was intended as the fifth or sixth main entry in the series. (As Homecoming was being developed around the same time, which itself became the Fifth entry.)

As reported in the source article, Silent Hill: The Box was possibly never actually presented to Konami. The company was developing it as “The Box”, a project un-related to Silent Hill. However, if the project was to be picked up by Konami, they would have renamed it to reflect its inclusion into the Silent Hill franchise.

The Main Menu of the game.

The title was intended as an Open World Survival Horror game, which technically would have been the first true open world in the Silent Hill series. (SH1, 2 and 3 are technically open world, but seperated into “zones” by entering buildings to enter the other zone.) Unlike that concept in previous Silent Hill titles, The Box was going to be full open world.

A menu

Eventually, the project was handed to Sega, who eventually transferred it to THQ who themselves renamed it “The Ritualyst”, but sadly, that project was cancelled in 2009 due to financial problems at THQ. Had it been developed, it would have been an Open World horror title in the series, and judging by leaked models and logos, would have likely had a heavy emphasis on cults, magic and the like.

Here are several leaked models from the game:

Judging by the fantastic work the company did on the 2002 Gamecube exclusive Survival Horror title, “Eternal Darkness”, Silent Hill: The Box, may have been one of the best releases in the franchise. Sadly, good games get cancelled and bad ones hit the market. This was just another sad tale in the heartbreak saga for Silent Hill fans that seems to never end.

Oh Konami, what happened to you?