Primal coming to PS4


Although some would argue against it, at its core, Primal, developed and released in 2003 by Sony Computer Entertainment Cambridge, is a survival horror game; and a long, spanning and evolving one at that.


In Primal, players assume the role of Jen Tate, who one night after a rock concert, is, along with her boyfriend, assaulted by a strange smokey demon and put into a coma. Scree, a demon himself, seperates Jens spirit from her body and takes her into several terrifying realms to battle against the forces of evil and to eventually save her love.


Developed by the same studio behind cartoony horror game series, “Medievil”, Primal is one of the many cult classic horror games that, while not popular at first, gained popularity through the years since its release, similar to Extermination, also by Sony.

A few years ago, during the introduction of the “PS2 Classics” program on PS3, Sony released Primal as one of the first PS2 emulated games on PS3. Now, Primal is returning in full 1080P HD with trophy support on Playstation 4.

Here are the trophies:


There are 6 more trophies, making a total of 15, but they are secret trophies as they are likely spoiler related.


The game price point wasn’t revealed, but most PS2HD ports range from 15.00-25.00, depending on the game. It will likely be 9.99, since most of the other Sony developed PS2HD games are 9.99, such as War Of The Monsters, for example.

The game will be available on Tuesday, May 31st. If you enjoy niche obscure Horror games, this is a great pickup! Trust me.