Horror Games in June

June seems to be a hell of a month for horror games. We have 7 days to die dropping, along with Umbrella Corps, Dead By Daylight and more coming as well. Here is your list of Horror Games for the month of June!   Edge Of Nowhere ¬†– RIFT – June 6th Edge Of Nowhere … More Horror Games in June

Stop buying 1.5 Repros!

Resident Evil 1.5 (aka Biohazard 1.5) is a project that we all know and love. This love, however, comes with some flaws: people selling copies of it. “Why is this bad?”, You may be asking? Well, I will tell you. In 2012, a modified build of 1.5 was released¬†to the public by IGAS, the project … More Stop buying 1.5 Repros!