Stop buying 1.5 Repros!


Resident Evil 1.5 (aka Biohazard 1.5) is a project that we all know and love. This love, however, comes with some flaws: people selling copies of it.

“Why is this bad?”, You may be asking? Well, I will tell you.

In 2012, a modified build of 1.5 was released to the public by IGAS, the project developers with intentions to restore to finish what Capcom didn’t. This was done because a former member of the team tried to sell it on Ebay for a pretty penny. Eventually, things got worse and the actual untouched 40% WIP build was leaked that was pure Capcom content rather than have any IGAS modifications.

You may be thinking that Repro’s are a common sell on ebay and amazon. But here is where you need to pay attention: If you want IGAS to finish 1.5, you need to STOP buying Repros!

That is all there is to it. When it released in 2012, and the plan to restore it was learned, Capcom made a “hush” statement about it. On Capcom Unity, Sven, the former head of social media for Capcom USA there, officially said that Capcom IS aware of the project and they won’t interfere. As long as it isn’t sold in anyway.

Additionally, IGAS is developing the new content of 1.5 with their OWN assets and they also said DO NOT sell the content. Well, several repro’s have started popping up on ebay, and let me say it again: DO NOT BUY THEM. 

If you want IGAS to finish the restoration of their amazing project, you need to stop buying these. Capcom specifically said they would interfere if they learned it was being sold. This happens ALL THE TIME. This is Capcom’s IP and the legal team there needs to protect it, no matter if its a canned game that wasn’t even going to release. The chances of Capcom halting production of the IGAS restoration is greater the more these Repro’s show up. If you purchase one of these, please, request a refund. You are endangering the chances of this project and IGAS officially said they are also worried about it. There are even other fansites asking people to not buy these copies.


If you want a copy, please, download it yourself. Its available online FREE and you can make your own discs and cases. There is not a single reason you should be buying these poorly made reproductions. They are printed on regular printer paper, they are burned onto a normal disc and labeled, AND they wont even play on real PSone hardware unless you mod it. Seriously, there are no reasons you can justify purchasing these.

If you are a fan of IGAS’s work and want 1.5 to be finished, please, take this to heart and stop buying these. Additionally, do us all a solid and report them as you see them listed for sale. It can only help the cause!