Week in horror: May 30th – June 5th 2016


We are back to active posting now! Its been over a week since we posted anything meaningful; so here is a compilation of news from the week of May 30th to today (June 5th) to make up for it! From Resident Evil to Allison Road, here is your weekly news compilation.


Resident Evil 5 HD news



Announced last year, the three modern numbered Resident Evil titles, 4,5 and 6, would be coming in full 1080P HD with trophies and new features to modern consoles. For some odd reason, they decided they would release them backwards, with 6 coming out a couple months ago, 5 coming this summer, and 4 coming in fall.

Well, it was revealed on Xbox Live when the 5th outing would be released on Xbox One (it can be assumed its coming to PS4 same day). The date for the release is June 28th, 2016. Additionally, the game gets SEVENTY ONE trophies on PS4. One of those being the platinum, it can be assumed Xbox One will get only Seventy since they don’t have a special achievement for completing the others.


As with RE6, the game will receive both a digital and disc release on both platforms, however, some retailers are reporting the digital release will release earlier than the disc, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed. Both versions will be available for $20 USD.


Dead Island 2? Dead.


The Dead Island series can never seem to catch a break. After the so-so sales of Riptide and the negative reviews for Escape Dead Island, fans of the series were holding they’re breaths for what Dead Island 2 would be like.

Dead Island 2 has had a very hard road since it started development. The original studio lost the rights to develop the title, so the IP holder transferred the project to Sumo Digital to complete it. Eventually, the title was removed from the official Dead Island website and hasn’t really even been shown on Sumo Digital’s website either. Now, the final nail in the coffin may have been hammered in. Spotted a few days ago by eagle eyed DI fans, Dead Island 2 has been completely removed from Steam, articles involving its development were also removed from various blogs including Playstation Blog, and no news has been heard about this.

It is not yet known if this means the project has been called off, but nothing official about it has been heard since March, and on top of this news, its likely the project is done for.


Mercenaries United! (RE5)


According to a trustworthy Resident Evil fansite, we will be getting an all new version of Mercenaries when the RE5 HD release drops. On launch, Resident Evil 5 had a mercenary mode available after finishing the main game once. There was a new version however that was available through DLC, and later another version only available on PC. Well, according to the fansite, Capcom is remixing the mode to combine all mercenaries modes available for RE5 into one single mode. Nothing else about this was revealed, however.


More details for REmake 2 revealed


Capcom has revealed more info about the upcoming remake of the beloved Resident Evil 2. It has been announced that series long term developers, Yoshiaki Hirabayshi and Yasuhiro Anpo, who previously worked together on Resident Evil 5, will be returning to help develop REmake 2. It was also revealed that someone will be returning to direct the game. Who could that honestly be? Capcom is being secretive on that, for now.

They also helped develop REmake, back in 2002, and plan to go “all out” and “succeed” that formula and what made it work and “modernize” RE2 with the new version, which will likely be released in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and possibly Nintendo NX.

Resident Evil 2 started development 20 years ago this year, which happened a month or so before release of the original Resident Evil, but was cancelled and replaced with an unrelated version of RE2 which we received in 1998. Eventually, that cancelled version was released online as “Resident Evil 1.5”, a similar, yet still very different version of RE2.  Here is the developer video detailing the RE2 remake: clicky!


Allison Road… hits the road!


The next victim in a recent string of horror game cancellations, which previously claimed Silent Hills, Sations and Dead Island 2, has been chosen. Sadly, Allison Road is no more, as confirmed by its developer.

Allison Road was an attempt to revive the idea behind Silent Hills, which made a huge impression on the entire gaming community and broke hearts when it was canceled after a dispute between Kojima Productions and Konami. Ironically, the title that was intending to revive the canceled Silent Hill title, has itself, bit the dust. No details were released as to why the title was canceled. This was all revealed on the official Twitter account for the game.






Well, that is it for this week of news. Now, for this next week, we will be returning to active posting again, including more entries in our Cancelled Horror Games series of articles. Thank You for reading!