Horror Games in June


June seems to be a hell of a month for horror games. We have 7 days to die dropping, along with Umbrella Corps, Dead By Daylight and more coming as well. Here is your list of Horror Games for the month of June!


Edge Of Nowhere  – RIFT – June 6th


Edge Of Nowhere is a VR survival horror game developed by the creators of Spyro The Dragon, Ratchet&Clank and Resistance; Insomniac Games.

The first horror game from the company, Edge of Nowhere is a Virtual Reality game for the RIFT to be released on June 6th. You play as a man looking for his Fiance who went missing. Victor must fight odd monsters, demons and other creatures to progress and find the love of his life.


Dead By Daylight – PC – June 14th


Dead By Daylight is a multiplayer horror game where one player takes the roll of a killer while four others play as vulnerable, innocent, survivors who must hide and fight him off. The game launches on PC via Steam on June 14th and pre orders are currently on sale.


Umbrella Corps – PS4, PC – June 21st


(forgive me for this). Umbrella Corps is a spinoff, spiritual successor to the 2012 Resident Evil title, “Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City”. The title is a multiplayer co-op shooter taking place in the Resident Evil world. Play as new or classic survivors battling each other and zombies through several levels, new and classic, such as the RPD (RE2), Antarctic Lab (RE:CV), and the Village (RE4). Exclusively on PS4 and PC, Umbrella Corps will be launching as a digital only title on June 21st. No Xbox One version is currently planned.


The Brookhaven Experiment – VIVE – June 21st


Exclusively for the HTC/VALVE VIVE VR headset, BrookHaven Experiment is a first person survival horror game which appears to be a simple Left 4 Dead clone where you fight off hoards of monsters while going through levels.


7 Days To Die – PS4/Xbox One – June 28th


The highly anticipated port of the minecraft meets state of decay horror game on PC, 7 Days To Die, will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One on the 28th. This game is essentially Minecraft with survival horror elements. The game is a huge open world and the zombies get nastier at night. Its also multiplayer, local and online, which is a huge plus. It has splitscreen too, which we hardly see anymore!


Resident Evil 5 HD – PS4/Xbox One – June 28th


The popular Resident Evil 5 originally launched in 2009 for Xbox 360, PS4 and PC, with last month a port to the Nvidia Shield game console from NVIDIA. Now, on June 28th, the game comes in full 1080p to PS4 and Xbox One digitally. For those of you who want to play Chris and Sheva’s African adventure by way of Retail Disc, the disc version launches on July 12th.


Hopefully, none of these are delayed. This month as been sad already for Horror Fans as both Dead Island 2 and Allison Road were cancelled. These releasing on schedule might be enough to distract us from the heartbreak of those cancellations.