E3: Horror announcements so far


*this is an active post and will be updated on more information! Go ahead and bookmark!*

So far, we have had two horror games announced today. One that was rumored for a few months, and the other a surprise. Here they are below:



Dead Rising 4 – Xbox One, PC


After several leaks, DR4 has been officially announced. Like DR3, the new game is exclusively to be released on the Xbox One and PC platforms and will be a massive open world zombie game. Frank West, from the original Dead Rising, is set to return.


State Of Decay 2 – Xbox One,PC


Surprise! Undead Labs IS making a sequel to the fantastic Xbox 360/Xbox One horror/open world game. I absolutely LOVED State Of Decay when it released and despite the fact I hate Xbox consoles, I may actually HAVE to buy one for this!  I about flipped when they announced this. It will work on Xbox One and Xbox One slim, but Microsoft has said over twitter that it is “ideal” for the next years Xbox One Scorpio which will have “Double the power” of the original Xbox One and will make the game look ALOT better.



More to come…