Horror Games in June

June seems to be a hell of a month for horror games. We have 7 days to die dropping, along with Umbrella Corps, Dead By Daylight and more coming as well. Here is your list of Horror Games for the month of June!   Edge Of Nowhere  – RIFT – June 6th Edge Of Nowhere … More Horror Games in June

Primal coming to PS4

Although some would argue against it, at its core, Primal, developed and released in 2003 by Sony Computer Entertainment Cambridge, is a survival horror game; and a long, spanning and evolving one at that. In Primal, players assume the role of Jen Tate, who one night after a rock concert, is, along with her boyfriend, … More Primal coming to PS4

Cancelled Horror Games – Chapter 4: I Am Alive (DarkWorks)

I Am Alive is a survival horror video game from Ubisoft, that was originally in development by DarkWorks before it was cancelled. After being cancelled and restarted several times, Ubisoft finally settled on a version of the project and released it as a smaller, downloadable only, horror game, rather than the intended, full retail, horror title. … More Cancelled Horror Games – Chapter 4: I Am Alive (DarkWorks)