Primal coming to PS4

Although some would argue against it, at its core, Primal, developed and released in 2003 by Sony Computer Entertainment Cambridge, is a survival horror game; and a long, spanning and evolving one at that. In Primal, players assume the role of Jen Tate, who one night after a rock concert, is, along with her boyfriend, … More Primal coming to PS4

Cancelled Horror Games – Chapter 2: Obscure D

Welcome back to the “Cancelled Horror Games” series of articles. This time, in chapter 2, we talk about a widely disputed cancelled title by Hydravision Entertainment. This title was developed as a direct sequel to the 2008 game, “Obscure 2: The Aftermath”, but never saw the light of day due to various problems during development. … More Cancelled Horror Games – Chapter 2: Obscure D