Stop buying 1.5 Repros!

Resident Evil 1.5 (aka Biohazard 1.5) is a project that we all know and love. This love, however, comes with some flaws: people selling copies of it. “Why is this bad?”, You may be asking? Well, I will tell you. In 2012, a modified build of 1.5 was released to the public by IGAS, the project … More Stop buying 1.5 Repros!

Primal coming to PS4

Although some would argue against it, at its core, Primal, developed and released in 2003 by Sony Computer Entertainment Cambridge, is a survival horror game; and a long, spanning and evolving one at that. In Primal, players assume the role of Jen Tate, who one night after a rock concert, is, along with her boyfriend, … More Primal coming to PS4

Cancelled Horror Games – Chapter 5: Silent Hill – “The Box”

Silent Hill: The Box, is a cancelled survival horror game by Silicon Knights, that was possibly rejected by Konami and turned into an unrelated project by Sega, then later THQ, that was itself never released. Silent Hill: The Box – Silicon Knights – PS3/360 Planned Name: Silent Hill: The Box Planned Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360 Eventually … More Cancelled Horror Games – Chapter 5: Silent Hill – “The Box”